Monday, September 12, 2005

کس سے کریں شکوہ اور کس سے مانگیں انصاف ؟

Clipping from today’s newspaper Meanwhile, a top official of the federal government confirmed that an official report received from the Punjab government reveals that SP Khalid Abdullah was related to a top "personality" of the Lahore High Court that was the major reason behind non-registration of an FIR against him on charges of abduction and rape of Sonia. Reportedly, the DIG had also told the inquiry committee that he was helpless to provide succour to Asim and Sonia as SP Abdullah had even sent ten applications to different government institutions on different trumpeted charges of corruption to launch inquiries against him to force him stay silent in this important case. The DIG had told the inquiry committee that he had also sent a report to the IG for Abdullah’s transfer that was never accommodated because of the power and influence he enjoyed for being related to one of the top "personality" of the Lahore High Court.


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